The Skullodream is not dead

skullo action figure art

Ain’t this super tough? I kinda wish there was a Skullo G.I. Joe style action figure. I would have bought more than one. Posed him all over (pause). And really why haven’t we seen more Skullo? Why haven’t I seen him drawn in 2D? Why isn’t he rumored to appear in Super Street Fighter 4? I know Street Fighter EX was made by another company. I also know that company owns Skullo and all of those characters, but why hasn’t Capcom done the power move and just buy him! Look at this character design!! I’d say it is one of the best Fighter Game character designs of the last 15 years. Top 5 really. It’s probably because he’s so many things wrapped up in one awesome package and it brings about the memories of watching Daniel-San getting his butt kicked by the Cobra Kai gang in Karate Kid. You know you wanted to see more of them, that’s like the best part of the whole film. Can you all see that perfect use of White and Black, the ill way the chose to design the skeleton on the outfit. This is pre allover hoodie, pre -LRG. Capcom doesn’t design this ill anymore and I think its all our fault. I think we all let people support ugly game character design. We let them sell us pretty boy character design, everybody is all soft. The move to such great 3D graphics has hurt good character design. We all deserve better, the makers and the consumers combined.

skullo action figure back

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