Month: February 2011

Ignorant Bliss podcast episode 5: C’mon son…it’s me. Batman.

On this week’s delayed episode I talk about the Grammy’s, Marvel vs Capcom 3 release, Green Lantern #62,

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Ignorant Bliss episode 4:Just go with it and Keep it Fantastic

This week’s episode I talk about the summer movie spots shown during Super Bowl 45, The new Adam Sandler romantic comedy Just Go With It, The X-Men First Class teaser, The new developments going on with the FF at Marvel, Resident Evil 5, and Donald Glover’s rap career.

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ignorant bliss episode 3: 355 makes sure it remains raw

This episode I continue my talking about the new reveals in the upcoming Marvel vs Capcom 3 game. I go into some of the history of the VS. series.

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