Month: April 2023

Ignorant Bliss: Polite Society, Carmen, and Peter Pan & Wendy review

Polite Society is a fun and playful homage to 70s martial arts film that also mixes in Jane Austin-style romance and early 2000s teen comedies. The core sister relationship of Ria and Lena ties this fun remix of styles together to make a great theater experience. Grade: B Carmen feels like an interpolation of the…

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Ignorant Bliss: Super Mario Bros. Review

Alright, let me tell everyone from the jump I’m biased on this. Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros. are some of the earliest memories in my life. Playing games with these characters are dearer to me than superhero comics, so after suffering in middle school with the old 1993 movie, I just expected that there…

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Ignorant Bliss: Spinning Gold Review

D Spinning Gold is not good folks. This film that is sold as the story of Casablanca Records is about Neil Bogart, one of the founders, and from the way, the film tells it the driving force behind this label and the artists on it and somehow their music. I sat in the theater, mostly…

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