Month: January 2010

Blissful Review-Edge of Darkness

Edge of Darkness So what is Edge of Darkness? It’s exactly what you think it is from the trailer. It’s Mel Gibson getting revenge for his slain daughter. Mel Gibson plays Tom Craven a Boston Detective welcoming home his daughter Emma. After noticing his daughter is sick, he then starts to take her to the…

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Blissful Review – The Siege #1

So last week Marvel’s newest event started, The Siege. This is the culmination of the last year of the Dark Reign storyline that was in most of the Marvel superheroes line since last January at the end of Secret Invasion.

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The Skullodream is not dead

Ain’t this super tough? I kinda wish there was a Skullo G.I. Joe style action figure. I would have bought more than one. Posed him all over (pause). And really why haven’t we seen more Skullo? Why haven’t I seen him drawn in 2D? Why isn’t he rumored to appear in Super Street Fighter 4?…

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