Month: February 2010

Blissful Review-How to Make It in America episode 2:Crisp

So the second episode of this was great to me. It showed the characters moving forward and steady pushing their goals. It added some more characterization for Rene that’s more than just “Cam’s criminal loan shark cousin”. We got more Domingo. We see Ben less depressed about his situation and with fire in belly on…

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Blissful Review – HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA : Pilot

I’m old school baby like cocaine and caviar. -Cam [youtube][/youtube] How To Make It In America or as I’ll call it, THE HUSTLE SHOW. This show is like the opposite of Entourage and equally as good. This show is about two young New Yorkers trying to make it. Trying to live the American dream even…

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Blissful Review – The Siege #2

Hey I’m back with my review of Siege #2. First let’s go over what has happened and what goes on in this issue. So last issue Norman Osborn, head of H.A.M.M.E.R. , hero of the Skrull invasion has teamed up with Loki, god of mischief. They want to get Asgard out of Oklahoma. So they…

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