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Ignorant Bliss vs Watchmen: Episode 6 – This Extraordinary Being

Recapping Episode six of the HBO series Watchmen with thoughts on the episode, how the conversation about it went online how it changes things we knew from the comic and how it works within the themes in the genre of superhero stories.

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Ignorant Bliss 63: Talking Catalyst Prime with Senior Editor Joseph Illidge

I interview Senior Editor at Lion Forge Joseph Illidge about the Catalyst Prime line of Superhero Science Fiction line comics launched this year. Joseph was a former Batman editor, DC Comics and Milestone editor.

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Ignorant Bliss 23: Ron and Julian talk about Cyborg

This episode is another conversation with Ron Wimberly. This time we talk about the DC Comics character Cyborg. Ron was asked if he wanted to do a variant cover for the upcoming new title this summer (also for Green Arrow) but he declined.

He never really liked or understood Cyborg on a design level so he wanted to talk about it. We start there and then go into tangents about story telling and a lot of DC Comics properties. At the end I ask if you the listeners would like to hear my thoughts on the upcoming Avengers Age of Ultron film since I stopped seeing superhero movies.

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Frank Ocean – You Are Love (cover)
Action Bronson – Actin’ Crazy
Rihanna – Bitch Better Have My Money (BBHMM)
Drake – Legend
Meek Mill – B Boy
iLoveMakonnen feat. Minos and Rich the Kid – Whip It (remix)
Vic Mensa feat. Kanye West – U Mad
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