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So last week Marvel’s newest event started, The Siege. This is the culmination of the last year of the Dark Reign storyline that was in most of the Marvel superheroes line since last January at the end of Secret Invasion. I’ll now give you a quick rundown what’s happening in this issue. Norman Osborn, HVIC (Head Villain in Charge) is worried about Asgard being in America. Loki, trickster god supreme, stay talking in his ear putting fear and ideas in Goblin filled head. These two cook up a reason that Norman can use to essential run up on Asgard like it’s a small middle eastern country. Norman gathers up his main troops, the Dark Avengers, tells them what’s what and then they all go off and proceed to bring the ruckus to Norse Gods. The rest is the attack, a scene with out of it Tony Stark, Don Blake getting his Michael Bay run on, The Mighty Thor, a good butt whuppin’, and an final page of anger filled fist shaking.

Ares regulating

First let me say I stopped buying Marvel comics in 2009. I didn’t like how Secret Invasion ended and I didn’t like that the trade of it came out within weeks of the last issue coming out. I felt screwed. So I embargoed Marvel comic purchases from my life. I did slip twice for Strange Tales, but that had nothing to do with anything in continuity at all. But I thought, “Well it’s The Twenty-Dime Julian let’s see what they are doing, Copiel is dope and it’s only four issues Bendis might not bore me with this.” What sold me on this is the art and that the focus is the return of the main three Avengers, Captain America, Thor and Robert Downey Jr. Seeing Norman Osborn get son’d is a nice little bonus.

The art for me was very well done, slick and smooth, it had great movement and layouts that gives the storytelling a pacing that feels like an action movie. Copiel also does well with the facial expressions he gives the characters, all of the characters look like they are emoting to whatever is happening around them.

volstagg remorse

Also Daken actually looks half Japanese for once. Awesome sauce. Laura Martin’s colours are also very vibrant and brings a good action movie mood also. They add a nice finish over Copiel’s work, they also help to push the eye around the page during the different scenes.

The writing in this first issue is like the complete opposite of the last two Bendis event books. It moves quickly, the dialogue parts are to the point and move along the plot. There are some good quips in the issue, my favorite supporting character in this is Bullseye/Hawkeye. He has for me the best line in the issue,

“Yeah. See…he is the god of war. And there’s just one of him. And I am now shutting my ass up.  And I am a badass man. I’m known, specifically, as a badass. And one of them, just one, got me to shut the hell up.”

Bullseye aka Hawkeye

Also Bendis found a way to make use of the U-Foes. THE U-FOES!!! And it had punches to the face.

Thor getting chin checked by normie

Overall this issue did its job, starting their big event and got me to buy a Marvel Universe comic again. For that its gets the golf  clap and the Arsenio dog pound woof.

It’s a:


The Siege #1  is by Brian Michael Bendis, Olivier Copiel, Mark Morales, Laura Martin, Chris Eliopoulos, Lauren Sankovitch and Tom Brevoort

4 comments on “Blissful Review – The Siege #1

  1. mrmarkrobson says:

    i heard about this on ifanboy, but havent made up my mind if i want to pick it up…. tbh, i havent even been buying many marvel books either…Runaways is in limbo but ult spiderman is killing it

    I had passing interest in secret invasion, but thought they rushed its conclusion too much, a BSG type skrull occupation of the marvel U would have sweet, new alliances would form and things would move around alot, i guess in my head im romantically equating it with the VIVA LA RESISTANCE style of Age of Apoc…

    i really feel like Bendis’ talent is stretched too thin managing all the facets of Marvel U, he is so much better at the smaller stories that explore characters and their world (the ultimate xmen issue where wolverine has to kill that kid that is like a walking nuke is so raw), and the time he gets spent over several books means he isnt working on something like daredevil or making ult spiderman even better

    i guess im glad the old avengers team is getting back together, but its not pulling me into mainstream marvel anytime soon

    1. Julian Lytle says:

      I think this is really good. I have a lot of problems with Secret Invasion. It’s not as good writing wise for me, I love Yu’s art. That is why I bought that series.

  2. Spooky says:

    Good review of the issue, but I kinda felt like a quick overview. A bit more thoughts on the art aspects would’ve been nice.

    – Spooky

    1. Julian Lytle says:

      Thanks for the comment. I’ll remember this the next time I do a comic review.

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