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X-Men hateration

This is a conversation me and my friend JC had talking about the upcoming X-Men event. There is some hate being spewed so be ready. JCEtheredge: so is Hope jean? Me: I don’t know Right now she’s just Hope from what I know JCEtheredge: but she is the phoenix? Me: yeah I guess I don’t…

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Blissful Review – The Siege #2

Hey I’m back with my review of Siege #2. First let’s go over what has happened and what goes on in this issue. So last issue Norman Osborn, head of H.A.M.M.E.R. , hero of the Skrull invasion has teamed up with Loki, god of mischief. They want to get Asgard out of Oklahoma. So they…

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Blissful Review – The Siege #1

So last week Marvel’s newest event started, The Siege. This is the culmination of the last year of the Dark Reign storyline that was in most of the Marvel superheroes line since last January at the end of Secret Invasion.

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