X-Men hateration

This is a conversation me and my friend JC had talking about the upcoming X-Men event. There is some hate being spewed so be ready.

JCEtheredge: so is Hope jean?

Me: I don’t know
Right now she’s just Hope from what I know
JCEtheredge: but she is the phoenix?
Me: yeah I guess
I don’t know how
But remember Rachel was phoenix too
JCEtheredge: well in that free solicit I just bought, they say she is
Me: they say she is Jean??
The second coming issue?
That free one with the reality TV style confessionals
JCEtheredge: no they say she is phoenix
Yea it’s just a few pages of content and all ads
and order forms
Me: well yeah I kinda get that she’s phoenix
I just don’t know how
I think Cable might die
JCEtheredge: yea I really don’t like how Bishop is these two’s mortal enemy
but like- Hope can’t be Jean or else someone would have remarked how similar to Jean she looks
So if Hope manifests phoenix power in 2nd coming, is that going to alter her appearance to look like jean?
Rrg. it’s annoying to Me.
I wanted jean back with just TK and telepathy
I Mean- if Hope coMes as she is, it’ll be yet another teenage girl on the X-Men
So sick of that
Me: she’s not a teenager, she’s like 18
Well yeah that’s a teenager but you get what I’m saying
JCEtheredge: 17
According to that free book
Me: some people think that she is another Rachel

You know I don’t care
JCEtheredge: what do you Mean another Rachel?
Me: another tiMeline
JCEtheredge: oh…
But how is that possible when Rachel’s father is Cyclops
Cyclops didn’t father Hope
Me: no one knows her parents
JCEtheredge: so you think this could be a Scott secret
Me: well if she is from another timeline he wouldn’t know
JCEtheredge: but she was born in 616
Me: she was found in the 616
Again I really don’t care
JCEtheredge: HAHAH care man!
Me: I just want wolverine to leave the x-Men
JCEtheredge: i’m having a comic convo with u!
Me: or just be in astonishing that is coming out
JCEtheredge: you have to indulge me!
I can’t talk to anyone else about it
Me: I know
I just Hope she isn’t Jean
JCEtheredge: and its big news! X-Men’s getting a jean-ish character!
Me: I don’t think I would like that
Like OH she gets actually reborn again
JCEtheredge: well like I said- she cant be
If they say that Hope is jean, then there’s a huge plot hole
Someone would have noticed
Me: like whom?
JCEtheredge: Cable, Bishop
Me: only Scott and Cable
I don’t even think Bishop
Cause he never Met a young Jean
JCEtheredge: he be all up in their book
But she’s old now- 17
Me: he Met a 25-year-old jean
JCEtheredge: You know how soMeone looks at 17
Me: women change as they get older
JCEtheredge: naaaah
Me: shiiiiiieeeeeeet
JCEtheredge: Hope can’t be jean
Me: I’ve dubbed it “settling”
But again
JCEtheredge: I mean they grow boobs and maybe get taller- but face is the same
Me: I just hope HOPE is Hope
Face rounds out, and sculpts
JCEtheredge: well if Hope is Hope then I get no Jean ;(

Me: there is a significant change between a girl and woman
JCEtheredge: and neither does Logan ;(
JCEtheredge: HAHAHA
JCEtheredge: Nooo! Barbie and ken!
Me: they both can eat all the dicks
JCEtheredge: _
Me: I just Hope cable doesn’t die
JCEtheredge: well I’m not going to buy. But I was wondering what you thought
Me: I might borrow
JCEtheredge: I kinda hope this Bishop dies. I hate him

Me: its like 4 months
JCEtheredge: it’s a shame that he’s ruined. But there’s no fixing him
Off him and start over– bring a new nigga on there. Not another teenage chick
Me: you can fix bishop in like 3 panels
JCEtheredge: HAHAH
These kids today wholeheartedly BELIEVE this new bishop’s storyline
Me: have old bishop walk out shoot this bishop and say “sorry I was late everyone”

JCEtheredge: lol
Me: what new “kids”
It’s just grown ass Men
JCEtheredge: I had to argue with 2 Jim Hanley’s employees
Me: I wish I had a teleporter
JCEtheredge: tryna get Hal to buy Messiah complex

Me: I’d be your teleporting tag team x-Men debate partner
JCEtheredge: Don’t you know I saw what they were doing, snatched that book outta her hand and gave her the phoenix saga
I ran across the store when I saw them giving her that book
I was like- no.
JCEtheredge: then they tried to argue with Me. They were all “oh but this explains him…”
I was like No; it’s a retcon and a slap in the face to black male x-Men fans. Here Hal, read soMe real x-Men
They shut up since I got all angry black man on them
JCEtheredge: I was also kinda mad she sought their opinion before mine
I yelled at her for that
This should be a comic
JCEtheredge: I was like- after you finish this, LET ME KNOW and I will recommend some more
Me: this is going on the blog
JCEtheredge: lol
Man that’s the last time I leave her alone in the comic shop
Me: damn shame
They are like drug pushers
Putting that weak mess in a young person’s mind
JCEtheredge: I know– and here’s what angered Me too– she picked out Storm on her own– she likes the young storm books…
So did these assholes think- oh since she has that, ill give her the other black x-man relevant book?
Or was it more to rope Hal into the current x-continuity
Keep her coming back
If it was either reason- shame on them
Me: to rope her in to coMe back
JCEtheredge: I Mean- I know you’re a salesman– but c’mon, you’re also a comic lover
Me: because if they just wanted to get her into Bishop, they could’ve given her the new origin trade
JCEtheredge: there were like 10 other TPBs on that shelf they could’ve pulled out
This was before that
This was sometime last year
Me: ah
You know I’m biased
I’d only give out the classics, NEW X-MEN, and X-Statix

JCEtheredge: I let her borrow some of my new x-Men
She doesn’t like the lack of storm
Me: fuckers ruined Angel too
The black angel

JCEtheredge: yeah she had potential
Me: Oh that’s because Claremont had Storm
And Claremont gets what he wants
JCEtheredge: right
I Mean I let he borrow stuff in the vain of what she likes
Her faves are Storm and Rogue
She hates Jean and Emma and Scott
Me: she’s needs colour to read?
She sounds like Me, except I like Emma
JCEtheredge: yes
I gave her an Asgard new mutants book that she likes
She likes Rahne and Dani
Art Adams

JCEtheredge: yea
Me: ooo weeeee
JCEtheredge: she likes either elf shit / fantasy / anthro / and nature shit
But in terms of x-Men- she likes Storm-centric writing
Me: she might like captain carrot and the zoo crew
JCEtheredge: what is that– it doesn’t sound serious
Me: so all the stuff where Storm was leader she’d love
JCEtheredge: she likes serious anthro
Me: has she read Tellos
JCEtheredge: what’s that
Me: the late Mike Wieringo’s fantasy book

It had like a tiger man in it
and elves
JCEtheredge: she likes Elfquest and Katmandu. So much that she’s in contact with the creators of both
Me: tell her to look at Tellos if she likes that stuff, she might enjoy it
JCEtheredge: ok
She’s so particular though
I’ll see her sat.

JCEtheredge: aight I’m singing off. Wanna work on my yogi/booboo slash
Me: oh god
Why did you tell Me that?

you’re like John K now
JCEtheredge: this was a request
Me: alright man, talk to you tomorrow then
JCEtheredge: she might like this book. She loves black chick / blonde white boy pairings- lol
c yas

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