Ignorant Bliss 42: A quiet Saturday with K-Sade and Steven (side A)

So with things being busy with going to a few conventions this summer I decided to go into my stash and put up an episode I haven’t released. This is a conversation with two friends of mine, K-Sade and Steven. We talk about a lot of stuff and is completely casual.

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Ignorant Bliss 33: D-Pi 4

So here we have the 4th conversation with my friend Ron Wimberly. We talk about Ta-Nehisi Coates’ new book Between The World and Me & more.

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Ignorant Bliss 22: Ulises Farinas – Breaking Bad

This episode feature artist and illustrator Ulises Farinas. In it we talk about his opinions on art, comics, comic industry and the community, being the bad guy, Kanye West, the Grammys, criticism, race and many other things.

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