Ignorant Bliss 33: D-Pi 4


So here we have the 4th conversation with my friend Ron Wimberly. We talk about Ta-Nehisi Coates’ new book Between The World and Me. We also talk about how the people co-opt slang using the phrase “Basic Bitch”. We then talk about the dissemination of art and music in American society along with the comics industry. We focus on “blerd” and geek culture and if we feel we fit into it all along with just life and making work. I hope you enjoy.

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Music theme this episode – GoGo Music

Frank Ocean – You Are Luh

The Junkyard Band – The Word

The Junkyard Band – Loose Booty

The Junkyard Band – Sardines

Rare Essence – Overnight Scenario

The Junkyard Band – Ruff It Off

DJ Flexx – The Water Dance

Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers – Woody Woodpecker

All the music copyright their respective owners

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