Ignorant Bliss 31: Why comics might need a Dame Dash with Jared K. Fletcher

On this episode I talk to my friend Jared K. Fletcher. He’s a letterer in the comics’ industry. We talk about a lot of our thoughts on the business of comics and the mind state of the people within it.

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Ignorant Bliss 29: A conversation with Girl Gone Geek

This episode features a conversation with Jamila Rowser better known online as Girl Gone Geek. She’s a blogger, writer and panelist on comics and pop culture. She has the blog and also one of the founders of Geek Girl brunch.

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For a long time Studio Ghibli has been making some of the best films in the world. Animated of not, before there was even a Pixar, Ghibli was crafting films that were far and above what people in states were used to in a animated feature. Fully realized worlds and lush beautiful hand drawn animation…

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