Ignorant Bliss 31: Why comics might need a Dame Dash with Jared K. Fletcher


On this episode I talk to my friend Jared K. Fletcher. He’s a letterer in the comics’ industry getting his start on staff at DC Comics years ago. He’s worked on many comics and a lot of modern classics like DC: The New Frontier, Batman Year 100 and new stuff like Southern Bastards at Image. He’s also an accomplished designer designing a lot of the modern logos for Marvel Comics hot titles. We talk about a lot of our thoughts on the business of comics and the mind state of the people within it. We then trail off on talks about Akira Toriyama and Legos.

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Music in this episode:

Frank Ocean –  You Are Luh

You Don’t Know remix instrumental

Czarface 2 – When the Gods Go Mad, Deadly Class, Ka-Bang, & Nightcrawler

Action Bronson – Strictly 4 My Jeeps, Bird on a Wire, & Baby Blue

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