Strobelite Fighter?

Jack Hatred and Julian Lytle on the new HD KOF12 release…. Is HD to SD what Morning light is to Strobe Light?
Also, on  a tangent… Jack Hatred again can’t resist talking about how amused he is by the brave and the bold…

julianlytle (4:11:26 PM): well I know you don’t care but KOF12 comes out in july
jackhatred (4:12:44 PM): hahaha
julianlytle (4:13:12 PM): that shit is going to be fresh
julianlytle (4:13:16 PM): HD Joe
julianlytle (4:13:21 PM): KIRK OUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT
jackhatred (4:13:29 PM): am I such a douche?
julianlytle (4:13:38 PM): huh
julianlytle (4:13:53 PM): we’ve talked about this before and you didn’t care for it in the past conversations
julianlytle (4:14:06 PM): hence why I started my statement that way
jackhatred (4:14:43 PM): hahaha
jackhatred (4:14:59 PM): yeah.. I tried to get past appearances… I just hate that I didn’t get what I wanted
jackhatred (4:15:07 PM): I hate that it came SOOOOO close
jackhatred (4:15:16 PM): like I got street fighter 4, but it looks ghey
jackhatred (4:15:29 PM): and I got KOF fighter hand drawn, but it looks ghey too
jackhatred (4:15:32 PM): like… damn
jackhatred (4:15:39 PM): …
jackhatred (4:15:58 PM): like I feel retarded for complaining… like your mom just bought you like a box full of gobots
jackhatred (4:16:10 PM): like you said you wanted transforming robots, right!?

jackhatred (4:17:44 PM): but who knows… I thought brave and the bold was corny looking
jackhatred (4:17:56 PM): but now I’m kinda thoroughly amused by it
julianlytle (4:18:00 PM): and with that I thought you were crazy
julianlytle (4:18:14 PM): but I like batman not needing oxygen in space
julianlytle (4:18:16 PM): that’s hard
jackhatred (4:18:31 PM): I just am tired of the same design in animation… like, I want these guys to step it up…
jackhatred (4:19:04 PM): not the aesthetic of old shit… but I feel like there’s allot lacking in the fundamentals of animation and color design for this production crew…
jackhatred (4:19:15 PM): I feel like, the same cats must be working for dumb long
julianlytle (4:19:48 PM): much like superhero comics they are producing for their fanbase
jackhatred (4:23:16 PM): right
jackhatred (4:23:31 PM): it’s not for me
jackhatred (4:23:54 PM): they coulda went harder on the color design
julianlytle (4:24:43 PM): i don’t know I haven’t seen it yet
jackhatred (4:26:47 PM): talking about BM:B&B
jackhatred (4:26:57 PM): oops
jackhatred (4:27:00 PM): Brave and Bold
jackhatred (4:27:06 PM): what haven’t you seen?
julianlytle (4:27:11 PM): KOF
julianlytle (4:27:23 PM): brave and the bold is straight
julianlytle (4:27:30 PM): that shit is perfect
julianlytle (4:27:36 PM): and i expect its going to get better
jackhatred (4:27:52 PM): you’ve seen KOF! I know you have, cause I have
julianlytle (4:27:54 PM): because they always do cause Warners knows how to make cartoons
julianlytle (4:28:07 PM): I haven’t seen KOF on a HD set yet
julianlytle (4:28:12 PM): and that is where it counts
jackhatred (4:29:04 PM): but you can see the colors and design cues…. it’s just gonna look high def… and I’m over it… it’s impressive, but I think if the design and color design is off on SD it’s gonna be off on HD
julianlytle (4:29:24 PM): i’m not going to say that anymore
jackhatred (4:29:24 PM): what could save it, is game play
julianlytle (4:29:38 PM): because SSF2T remix looks like a totally different game on HD
julianlytle (4:29:43 PM): i was taken aback
jackhatred (4:30:42 PM): I’m sure… there’s a wow factor… but lame is lame… SFIV taught me that
julianlytle (4:31:05 PM): not wow factor. it looks better
jackhatred (4:32:03 PM): It’s a clearer crisper version… so for me… if I didn’t like it in SD, HD is just a better look at what I didn’t like to begin with
jackhatred (4:32:12 PM): like HD don’t make an ugly chick look better
julianlytle (4:32:27 PM): colors pop, lines are cleaner, effects are brighter
julianlytle (4:32:59 PM): no but seeing a girl in good lighting make her look better than in the dark ass club if she cute
jackhatred (4:33:15 PM): the color design is on point for KOF, I can tell from SD.. it’ll look better in HD
jackhatred (4:34:00 PM): yeah… and if she ugly she look better in the strobe light dark as s club
julianlytle (4:34:04 PM): damn now I want to see brave and the bold in HD
julianlytle (4:34:25 PM): but see I don’t fucks with the strobelite honey
jackhatred (4:34:31 PM): is it even hand drawn? if it’s vector, will it matter?
julianlytle (4:34:32 PM): black sheep taught me that
jackhatred (4:34:39 PM): that’s what I’m saying
jackhatred (4:34:50 PM): if it’s wack in SD it ain’t gonna be better in HD
jackhatred (4:35:08 PM): you can see more flaws
julianlytle (4:35:21 PM): or you miss thing in SD
jackhatred (4:35:39 PM): more giant man hands and weird polygon forms or corny hamfisted musclebound renderings and downtrend costumes… IN HD!!!
jackhatred (4:36:06 PM): more?better
julianlytle (4:37:37 PM): huh?
julianlytle (4:37:46 PM): how did we get to renderings?
jackhatred (4:38:05 PM): KOF
jackhatred (4:38:21 PM): drawings
julianlytle (4:38:24 PM): downtrend costumes?
jackhatred (4:38:53 PM): Sun.. I feel like this guy sucks at drawing KOF characters… they look lame
jackhatred (4:39:08 PM): like with flared pants and poorly rendered proportions
jackhatred (4:39:17 PM): I am just not happy with him
jackhatred (4:39:18 PM): hahaha
julianlytle (4:39:25 PM): but what does that have to do with the costumes? for the most part its all the classic ones
jackhatred (4:39:29 PM): I don’t like the playmore dude
jackhatred (4:39:38 PM): he draws them differently
julianlytle (4:40:08 PM): I doubt that he was the one doing the keyframes though
jackhatred (4:40:17 PM): he draws the fits and stuff differently… It’s subtle… but I don’t like it. I’m not saying it’s bad for everyone, but for me… I’m over it…
jackhatred (4:40:30 PM): He designed the characters
jackhatred (4:40:33 PM): redesigned
julianlytle (4:40:48 PM): Joe still has his big ass shorts one I’m straight
julianlytle (4:40:54 PM): *on
jackhatred (4:41:02 PM): hahaha
jackhatred (4:41:09 PM): he got muay thai shorts
jackhatred (4:41:12 PM): they aint that big
jackhatred (4:41:19 PM): they like sagat size
jackhatred (4:41:22 PM): yo…
jackhatred (4:41:30 PM): I just think the characters look cornball
jackhatred (4:41:35 PM): especially Ralph and Clark
jackhatred (4:41:36 PM): they roided up
jackhatred (4:41:42 PM): they look like prowrestlers
jackhatred (4:41:47 PM): blegh
julianlytle (4:44:16 PM): well that shit looks fresh to me
julianlytle (4:44:31 PM): I’m going to enjoy beating people down with Joe and some Terry
julianlytle (4:48:57 PM): i don’t know besides madworld you’ll have no other interactive experience to enjoy
jackhatred (4:49:09 PM): if even Benimaru is jacked up…. it’s gonna be MAD ghey
jackhatred (4:49:38 PM): The last thing I want is for everyone to get hooked on steroids in games
jackhatred (4:49:45 PM): I think it’s getting popular in Japan
jackhatred (4:50:00 PM): It’s one thing if it’s like Fist of the North Star
jackhatred (4:50:02 PM): from jump
jackhatred (4:50:25 PM): but not when it’s like based on lots of different colorful characters. I hate homohgony in character design
julianlytle (4:51:36 PM): well they must like his stuff
julianlytle (4:51:43 PM): or he wouldn’t have a job
jackhatred (4:57:34 PM): hahaha
jackhatred (4:57:43 PM): yeah… I’m sure they love his stuff… I just think it’s corny
jackhatred (4:57:52 PM): its my opinion
jackhatred (4:58:07 PM): I want to like it man, hell… what the fuck, you think I want to feel the way I feel about it
jackhatred (4:58:09 PM): ?

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