How Come?

Julian questions why the two major comic companies didn’t do something hot.

How come last summer neither comic company had anyone put out one of these tees when they were popping up all over the place. I even saw a Street Fighter one.

Classic Teen Titans Line-Up Tee

Classic Uncanny X-Men Line-Up Tee

P.S. I made these up, they are not for sale because I am not getting sued.

For a bit of background, this style of tee was started by this one:
Beatles Shirt
and was then followed by these two
Rolling Stones tee
Ramones tee

over the course of time I have seen shirts with classic rap group line-ups and great starting five basketball team line-ups. These orignal designs were created by Experimental Jetset. The history of the design can be seen here and there thoughts on its impact can be seen here.

I think there was some untapped potential here in terms of sales to comic fans who don’t really care for graphitti designs made t-shirts.

1 comment on “How Come?

  1. earleybird says:

    I saw a “me & you, your mama & your cousin too” shirt on t.v.

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