Blissful Review-How to Make It in America episode 2:Crisp


So the second episode of this was great to me. It showed the characters moving forward and steady pushing their goals. It added some more characterization for Rene that’s more than just “Cam’s criminal loan shark cousin”. We got more Domingo. We see Ben less depressed about his situation and with fire in belly on the hustle. See the Hustle is what drives this show, seeing these characters strive for something out of nothing in a really hard industry like fashion.  We get less focus on Cam this episode and it is really a focus on Ben as we find out more of his back story like him dropping out of F.I.T. (Fashion Institute of Technology).  I like that in this episode a character flat out tells them to quit and they basically look at each other and decide to screw that we are GOING IN. Again the music of this show is on point, great fit for the scenes they are used and are perfect for the characters. So far this is my favorite new show of this overall 2009-2010 tv season.

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