Ignorant Bliss 26: Shawn Pryor

This episode is with my good friend Shawn Pryor. Shawn has been in the comics game for a bit starting out with his own imprint PKD media and then as one of the Founders of Action Lab Entertainment. Shawn also has a long running podcast called The Black Box podcast (one in which I’ve been a guest on plenty of times).

Ignorant Bliss 24: David Brothers

This episode is with my friend David Brothers. David Brothers is currently Content Manager at Image Comics. You might know him from his think pieces on the medium of comics and other pop culture from his site now closed blog 4thletter or Comic Alliance or a multitude of places on the internet where he’s been dropping gems for years.

Ignorant Bliss 22: Ulises Farinas – Breaking Bad

This episode feature artist and illustrator Ulises Farinas. In it we talk about his opinions on art, comics, comic industry and the community, being the bad guy, Kanye West, the Grammys, criticism, race and many other things.