“Why Don’t You Love Me” by Beyoncé


Directors: MELINA & Bee Z

man this video is really great. I love the whole Bettie Page homage this video is from the dress, sets and look of the film. To tell the truth Melina is one of my favorite music video directors out right now. Since 2006 she has been putting out some of, if not the best Urban videos that you see on the channels or youtube.
Some of my favorite videos by Melina

  • “Money Maker” – Ludacris feat. Pharrell
  • “Because of You” – Ne-Yo
  • “Green Light” – Beyoncé
  • “Kitty Kat” (co-directed by Beyoncé Knowles) – Beyoncé
  • “Suga Mama” (co-directed by Beyoncé Knowles) – Beyoncé
  • “Upgrade U” (co-directed by Beyoncé Knowles) – Beyoncé feat. Jay-Z
  • “Sensual Seduction” – Snoop Dogg
  • “Closer” – Ne-Yo
  • “Energy” – Keri Hilson
  • “Hard” – Rihanna feat. Young Jeezy
  • “Rude Boy” – Rihanna

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