My 24 updates for Monday May 3rd 2010

  • This is it! Jack Bauer Power Hour! one of the few left. #24 #
  • like a pokemon she evolves. Queen Gameshow host becomes New President Gameshow host. #24 #
  • Dang President Logan is always evil.
    I love how in the #24 universe everyone has a lil’ Cheney in them cause only Fox News is on. #
  • Yo real talk water boarding looks terrible. If you say that ain’t torture then you’re part romulan or something. #24 #
  • @ziggothealien he was never good though. in reply to ziggothealien #
  • WOW! Jack is straight merking fools left and right. Kinda like when you give up sneaking in Metal Gear games. Hold dat grenade! #24 #
  • Chloe’s face when she found out she got Batman’d was hilarious. #24 #
  • Fred threw Jack Bauer on the GROUND! He’s an adult! #24 #
  • Oh man Logan playing off getting hung up is too funny. Like sitcom funny. Thank you #24 for adding a little bit funny to this dark episode. #
  • Man Bauer vs Russia. I guess they didn’t get the memo that earlier today Jack hit a Russian gangster with a whole dinner table. #24 #
  • that new #ironman2 commercial bums me out that I won’t be at the DC screening tomorrow. also Rolling Stone only gave it 3 stars. #
  • I must say starbuck by far has had the most surprises this season. Flair grenade with gat in bank safe deposit box, yeah that chick bad. #24 #
  • Jack Bauer invoked the tagline of Gurren Laggan and shot a cop in his pinky toe like Della Reese. #24 #
  • now that’s how you do it dc comics. #24 just told your green arrow story a bazillion times better. #
  • only 4 hours of #24 left. at least my facebook friends will be happy. #

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