My 24 updates for April 12 2010

  • Jack Bauer Power Hour is NOW! #24 #
  • I ain’t used to seeing Jack kicking rocks. Dang homie. #24 #
  • Lex Luthor Russian is shady. #24 #
  • I knew the russians were dirty! now they are going to cause Jack to beserker rage! #24 #
  • Pres Taylor is about to ask Mrs gameshow host to woman up. #24 #
  • they are about to be on some political Birds of Prey ish. #24 #
  • oh damn Chloe is going to be head of CTU. She got the keys to the castle. #24 #
  • Dang Chicago Wind got defeated.
    Man Jack & Lady Jack got domestic real quick. #24 #
  • That’s that Lost Boys game right there. #24 #
  • Note: Russians ain’t never scurred. EVER. #24 #
  • Ethan had the fastest heart attack recovery ever.and oh snizzap Logan is back! #24 #
  • @NewMutant no. He got his powers from weapon x. in reply to NewMutant #
  • So the IRK baddies are the evil Africans this year that are just tools for a bigger bad. #24 #
  • @caseyseijas cause you’re a bawse. #
  • @NewMutant yes originally unless it was changed in the last year or so. in reply to NewMutant #
  • Ah shady Logan it’s good to have you back. He’s slicker than oil. #24 #
  • Logan is so slick he could game Ari Gold. #24 #
  • @NewMutant I don’t know. I didn’t read any Marvel books til Siege came out. And I only really read Siege. I get Marvel through hearsay. in reply to NewMutant #
  • Dang Lady Jack is answering Jack’s phone and got shot! Jack can’t live people! Why can’t Jack live! #24 #
  • Man can’t Jack get a happy ending! #24 #
  • No Shoes on like John McClane. The berserker rage will happen SOON! I expect ripped out body parts. I’m talkin James Howlett level kills.#24 #
  • @JonHexLives shoot Bourne has gotten out more times than Jack. in reply to JonHexLives #
  • @NewMutant he’s a mutate like Spidey. remember Deadpool is crazy. in reply to NewMutant #
  • @ziggothealien Ba-BUMP! Ba-BUMP! Jack BAuer of Earth you have great RAGE! in reply to ziggothealien #
  • @JonHexLives He kinda comes back in the second one. People just hate Jack. in reply to JonHexLives #
  • @ScottCederlund that just sounds crazy! in reply to ScottCederlund #

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