My 24 Twitter Updates for March 29 2010

  • Jack Bauer Power Hour is GO!!!! #24 #
  • Damn you evil starbuck and your snitching to the terrorists! I hope Fred bodies you! #24 #
  • Chicago Wind is about to get chewed out! #24 #
  • Man the Pres is calling Jack direct. no middle man. Jack is getting called on like he’s Cap. #24 #
  • Lady Jack gave Jack “The Look” and straight added herself to his party. #24 #
  • What? The terrorists are keeping radioactive materials in a chop shop? now that is gangsta! #24
  • man they want to hang president gameshow host out to dry. These people in #24 don’t know America doesn’t negotiate with terrorists. #
  • president had to get all Queen B**** on them fools. #24 #
  • Man chief of staff don’t listen to the general. you’ll lose and take the fall lil’ homey. #24 #
  • How in the world can a US general fake on Jack Bauer? he’s saved the country 7 times before. Like really. #24 #
  • President’s homie is standing tall! Trying to teach the youth. Oh man Ethan is getting a heart attack! #24 #
  • they doing my man Ethan wrong! letting just sit there and die like that. #24 #
  • Jack and Lady Jack are ready for anything! #24 #
  • Bauer smells something fishy dude.
    My man Ethan has Jack’s number like they are peoples. #24 #
  • You did not just hang up on Jack Bauer! You better act right lil’ homie. #24 #
  • now Jack has to fight his own people.
    This woman is GO HARD! #24 #
  • was she talking into her watch like dick Tracy?
    Dud she just roll up on these army cats with the handgun! What! She’s hard body. #24 #
  • No Jack did not just give president gameshow host a gat! He just joined the party. Jack and Lady Jack are doing good work. #24 #
  • They were on some Call of Duty ish right there. #24 #
  • Jack spared one American solider and told him to act right. He’s about to chirp the president. #24 #
  • My Tarin is going to betray his boy but still die next episode watch. Atomic explosions turns everyone soft. #24 #
  • What Jack Bauer Double Power Hour next week for the win. #24
    sorry #chuck

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