The Greatest Marvel Game We Never Played.

megaman 5 vs

I found this at the Capcom Unity blog. This is by far the greatest not made Marvel game ever dreamed of. EVER!!! Let me break down the names of the bosses.

Starting with the top left and going clockwise: Ryu is Hadou Man (Hadouken), Spider-Man is Kumo Man (kumo means spider), Captain Commando is Taichou Man (taichou means commander), Venom is Doku Man (doku means venom), Morrigan is Sexy Man(!) (oiroke means sexy), Gambit is Mr. Monami, Zangief is Nagehame Man (Nagehame means destructive throw), Captain America is Meriken Man (American Man, get it?), Strider Hiryu is Nazo no Ninja Robo (Enigmatic Ninja Robo), and Wolverine is Tsume Man (tsume means claw).

Wolverine is CLAW MAN! That is the primal thought of wolverine, that’s what you think of when you first see him as a kid. CLAW MAN!!! Gambit as MR. MONAMI is genius, a great play on the french phrase and what Gambit always said. Most of the Capcom robot names aren’t as good except for Morrigan’s SEXY MAN-that just opens up a whole box full of PAUSE.

Wouldn’t this be ill, every board you go to with Mega Man is styled after a Marvel locale. Wolverine is like the ill Canada outdoors that leads to a lab with Tsume Man coming out of the tube. You destroy him and get ADAMANT SHOT! Gambit’s stage is like the Bayou and you fight this ill mid boss that’s a giant robo-gator. You kill Gambit you get CHARGE CARD, it would be like three cards that fly out a different angles and explode. And this time the villian isn’t Wiley, IT’S DOOM!!!! This game makes itself. Why wasn’t I playing this in 1998? Who knows. but I’ll stay dreaming about this for a long time.

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