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Ignorant Bliss 59: A Conversation with cartoonist Jamar Nicholas

This episode I’m talking with the great cartoonist, teacher and Philly native Jamar Nicholas.

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ignorant bliss episode 3: 355 makes sure it remains raw

This episode I continue my talking about the new reveals in the upcoming Marvel vs Capcom 3 game. I go into some of the history of the VS. series.

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You all can have Lego Star Wars. I want Lego Strider!!!

Come on do you see how plantanas this is. Can you imagine the playsets we could have. And think of the Lego robot Jaguar or Hawk. MAN!!! Why did Capcom even think of this stuff for this magazine. This would make you the coolest Lego set owner on the block. This could all lead to…

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