Ignorant Bliss 85: Ron x Julian (April 2020)

On this one, way later but the world is quite crazy Ron hit me up on my birthday to talk some more. We get into many topics as usual so I hope you enjoy.

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Ignorant Bliss 53: A chat with TheBlerdGurl

This episode I talk with Karama Horne better known as The Blerd Girl.Recorded toward the end of last year we talk about a whole load of topics, from politics to comics to anime to being a creative professional. So much good talk in here it’s hard to summarize it all so give it a good listen.

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Ignorant Bliss 45: David Brothers x Ron Wimberly SDCC Spotlight on Ronald Wimberly Panel

Spotlight on Ronald Wimberly panel moderated by David Brothers. (from San Diego Comic Con 2016)

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