Stussy x Marvel

Now these are some shirt I will probably get. I haven’t been interested in clothing with Comic characters on them since Ecko teamed up with Marvel 10 years ago. They have some interesting artists involved also.

I really like the Dr. Doom shirt and the Punisher shirt is a great graphic for a Tee. The cool but not super duper must haves are the Cap and Surfer ones. I think the Doc Ock one is only for hardcore, I always liked the Erik Larsen white Suit Doc Ock the best. The shirt with the comic logotypes on it is ok. The Ghost Rider is aight too, but that Wolverine shirt is straight up ‘Nuff Said. OWNED. I’m really looking forward to see what series 2 looks like.

From the site |

Stussy x Marvel

The world’s greatest collaboration!

The ultimate team up of epic proportions!!

The team up of all team ups!!!

A project so vast, it took two series to contain it!!!!

Stussy and Marvel Comics present a project featuring characters from the Marvel Universe that are transported into the Stussy world.

The first series Stussy x Marvel The Ultimate Teamup will be released on April 27th and combines vintage Marvel characters with definitive Stussy designs. These styles feature the looks from rare and collectible comic books and posters with characters such as Wolverine, Silver Surfer, Punisher, Ghost Rider, Doctor Octopus, Doctor Doom and Captain America.

The second series Stussy x Marvel Special Edition Artist Series will be released on May 6th and features artwork by notable artists Will Sweeney, David Shrigley, Bill Plympton, Gary Panter, John K., James Jarvis, Todd James, Mister Cartoon and Noah Butkus.

There are also packs of Stussy x Marvel Trading Cards that will be included with each item purchased.

The Stussy x Marvel project will be available at (US and EU online), Stussy Chapter Stores and boutiques worldwide.


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