MOVIE REVIEW-Jack and Jill

Its that time of the year again. This is the time of the year where Adam Sandler has a new movie out. A time where it’s getting close to family time and I guess people need something to see where a whole bunch of people can enjoy themselves. Where fart jokes and pratfalls are king. Where you sit down and see funny face and hear funny voices. And with Jack and Jill we get Adam Sandler times two. Two times too many.

Jack and Jill is about fraternal twins from New York. Jack is married, has two children and runs his own advertising firm in Los Angeles. It’s the holidays and Jill is coming over to town to visit too much of Jack’s dismay. Jack also has to find a way to save his company from losing its biggest account. Along the way Jack learns to accept his eccentric twin sister and Jill finds love.

Let’s be very up front this movie isn’t good. It’s lazy Sandler here. This is Don’t Mess with the Zohan Sandler. Another thing with this movie is that a good portion of it is a mid-90s SNL reunion. Every scene you see someone from his time on the show as a random character there just to make you say “Oh hey I remember Norm McDonald” or “Hey that’s David Spade being David Spade”.

Another flaw in the movie is that it felt that the reason to change settings or advance the plot was for the huge amount of product placement in the movie. The big problem Jack has to solve, big sponsor. Hey the family is going on vacation. Let’s put them on a major cruise line and show how nice the ships are. Is that pool on a ship? Why yes it is. Jack has an upset stomach they just happen to filming a Pepto Bismol commercial.

In terms of other actors in the movie Katie Holmes really doesn’t do much but tell Adam Sandler to be nice to his sister. For some reason Al Pacino is a major character in the movie as himself. He must have owed Sandler a favor or something for all the crazy things they have him doing in this movie. It’s so bad that it starts to transcend itself into train wreck funny.

The one funny thing in the movie is Rohan Chand as Jack’s adopted son Gary. Gary usually has something smart and cute to say at the right time that is genuinely funny. Nick Swardson really isn’t funny one bit in this. Actually Sandler and Swardson were better together earlier this year in Just Go With It. Everything in the trailer is in the first 20 minutes or so and those are really the only kind of comical parts. If you want to laugh and have a good time at the movies please don’t see this. Save your hard earned recession gotten money and either see something else that in theaters or watch the Family Guy or something. Anything is better than this.

Final Grade is a D-

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