Lost but Found: Summer Music talk with friends pt.3

So you’re probably thinking why are you releasing an episode about summer music now. Well because I had a lot of technical mishaps with episodes this year. Some lost files that I had to jump through hoops to recover and some just lost. So here in this episode recorded in late June I had some friends over to talk about music up until that point. Naji Copeland Sr., and Meagan Ginyard from the Pop Culture Uncovered Podcast and Cuz We Black Y’all sub show and my friend Chizzy. I lost the beginning of this, so the intro and first part of the conversation of setup is lost. This is cut into three parts (same intro text for all three) in which we talk about Kanye and his projects, Drake, J. Cole, Pusha T, Rae Sremmerd, TDE, and much more. In the third part we trail off a bit while they tell me about the film Black Panther and Spider-Man since I don’t see Marvel movies with me questioning some of the merits of storytelling choices in each. 

Pop Culture Uncovered


Chizzy’s Twitter

Music in this episode:

You Are Luhhh – Frank Ocean

Trip – Ella Mai

Mo Bamba – Sheck Wes

All the music copyright their respective owners

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