Let the right film in…

This time Jack Hatred and Julian Lytle talk about film remakes and the effect CG has on movies. Oh and Jack hates fans.

jackhatred (10:39:47 AM): I have reached the stage where i can’t fuck with fans no more
julianlytle (10:40:00 AM): really? why?
julianlytle (10:40:08 AM): oh they are remaking let the right one in
julianlytle (10:40:22 AM): the director is the guy who directed Cloverfield
julianlytle (10:40:40 AM): that muthafucker better not rely on hand held camera work
jackhatred (10:40:45 AM): why remake, AURGH!
jackhatred (10:41:15 AM): It’s perfect.. at least wait 10 years… ten years and I’d be like, cool
jackhatred (10:41:22 AM): but you know whatever… as long as it doesn’t suck
jackhatred (10:41:55 AM): I’d see it again if it  takes place in NY or Chicago or New Orleans or something
jackhatred (10:42:11 AM): and the flavor of the location comes out like it did in the original
julianlytle (10:42:14 AM): they are remaking a Nightmare on Elms Street
julianlytle (10:42:19 AM): LIKE WHY?
julianlytle (10:42:36 AM): and they are recasting freddy
jackhatred (10:43:20 AM): wow… uh ok
jackhatred (10:43:42 AM): well… they could make it ILL, but they won’t because CG destroys imagintion (Moore)
julianlytle (10:44:23 AM): what makes the old one so hard is that you don’t even really see the dream world
julianlytle (10:44:30 AM): but you see the terrible outcome
julianlytle (10:45:06 AM): like the last scene with the car rooftop being Freddy’s sweater is way more frightening than any cg shit
julianlytle (10:45:16 AM): oh by the way Coraline was really good and well made
julianlytle (10:45:27 AM): I did fall asleep  on 15 minutes though
julianlytle (10:45:41 AM): I had a serious burger before and the itis took me out
jackhatred (10:46:37 AM): hahaha… go to sleep
jackhatred (10:46:43 AM): itis wear a freddy sweater
julianlytle (10:47:05 AM): lol
julianlytle (10:48:20 AM): oh shit a biopic of DeLorean
julianlytle (10:48:25 AM): i’m bout that
julianlytle (10:51:50 AM): i’m not going to say that CG destroys imagination, I think the costs of cg destroys the imagination
julianlytle (10:52:25 AM): because to say that cg destroys imagination means to discredit all the artists that work in it and all the ill stuff we seen from it
julianlytle (10:52:44 AM): like Terminator 2
julianlytle (10:52:49 AM): or Jurassic park
julianlytle (10:53:00 AM): and the Pixar films

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