Ignorant Bliss 27: Mad Men Finale & more with Roxana Hadadi


So no rallying against the comic industry on today’s episode. This episode is just a recap/thoughts on Mad Men finale and the series as a whole. On this episode I’m joined by my friend and personal Peggy Olsen Roxana (or Rocky) Hadadi. We talk about the whole episode and some of the second half of the season in general.

We talk about some of our favorite episodes, characters and scenes throughout Mad Men. We also talk about some of TV right now in general, that TV snob life though. You can listen to us talk about the first half of season 7 from last year here: https://ignorant-bliss.com/2014/06/17/ignorant-bliss-mad-men-season-7-part-1-thoughts-with-rocky-hadadi/

You can read Rocky’s reviews:




You can follow her on twitter: https://twitter.com/roxana_hadadi


Music in this episode:

BB King – The Thrill Is Gone

James Taylor – Fire and Rain

Nancy Sinatra – You Only Live Twice

Mountain – Mississippi Queen

Jackson 5 – I Want You Back

(all music is copyright and owned by it’s respective owners)

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