Good Time review

My review of the film Good Time by Ben and Josh Safdie and Robert PattinsonBarkhad Abdi and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

2 comments on “Good Time review

  1. Person says:

    You shouldn’t review movies, you have a lack of understanding for what makes movies good. You mistake social commentary for the directors condoning the actions of the protagonist. Go watch a movie like John Wick or something it seems more up your street, this is a thought provoking movie that questions morals and speaks volumes about America’s flawed criminal justice system if you can’t pick up on subtle themes, that is on you and you shouldn’t review movies.

    1. Julian Lytle says:

      I didn’t mistake anything. It’s just not good social commentary and it’s not really clear about it at all that people won’t see it see as condoning the behavior. They weren’t clear enough in their message. It’s not that though-provoking for people closer to the other side of America and the justice system, it’s cartoonish. It wishes it was subtle.

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