Ignorant Bliss episode 1

In this first episode of the Ignorant Bliss podcast I talk about january movie releases Season of the Witch & Green Hornet. Next I talk about Jay-Z and Kanye West’s new single H.A.M. then I talk about Batman Inc. #1-2. I also spend some time talking about Marvel vs Capcom 3 and why Shuma Gorath is awesome.

I also give some shout out to my friends who helped inspired me to make this podcast.

Please forgive me for some of the pops and breaths, I am working on it. I’m new to this podcasting thing.


Music in this episode is:

Warm it up Kane-Big Daddy Kane
H.A.M.-Jay-Z & Kanye West
Shuma Gorath’s Theme-Marvel Super Heroes (Capcom)
Ghost Showers-Ghostface Killah
Devil in a New Dress (Album version)-Kanye West featuring Rick Ross

9 comments on “Ignorant Bliss episode 1

  1. Nice little show, man! We need to have you guest on PCS when we start podcasting again.

    1. Julian Lytle says:

      I’m down my dude, I’m down.

  2. wah says:

    For someone who doesn’t really engage in pop culture, I felt that was an alright first episode. But, here’s some suggestions…

    1) GET MORE HYPE. Or drink before recording. Either one.

    2) A co-host would really help the show I think.

    1. Julian Lytle says:

      I can’t scare people the first episode.

      1. wah says:

        Fair enough!

  3. Troy says:

    Pfft* Whatever, man. Go ahead and scare people. That’s my creative philosophy. LOL!

  4. Hey Julian!
    Was excited to hear that you’re doing a podcast, and downloaded the first two shows. Listened to the first and liked it a lot. I’ve always enjoyed your energy when you talk comics and I’m sure your show will be one of my favorites!

    1. Julian Lytle says:

      Thanks for the kind words Bruce! I really hope you like it.

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