Ignorant Bliss 35: Best of 2015 featuring Longboxes on 22s (Side A)

On side A of the Best of 2015 episode of ignorant Bliss, my collaborator Sean Causley and I aka Longboxes on 22s go through what we feel was some of the best music of the year and run down our combined Top 10. Also in the episode you’ll here Taylor Pithers’ Top 5 in Grime music and Jamila (aka Girl Gone Geek) Top in Geek reference rap bars.

Ignorant Bliss 34: A chat with Warren Bernard

So I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Warren Bernard, executive director of Small Press Expo and author of the book Cartoons for Victory.

Ignorant Bliss 33: D-Pi 4

So here we have the 4th conversation with my friend Ron Wimberly. We talk about Ta-Nehisi Coates’ new book Between The World and Me & more.