Ignorant Bliss 40: Trill talk with Martheus Wade

So on this episode, I’m talking to my friend Martheus Wade about his projects and making comics independently for many years. We also talk about pop culture and fandom and how that affects making stories in the comic industry and entertainment in general. Honest talk and I hope you enjoy.

Ignorant Bliss 39: Fly times with Ted Lange IV & Turner Lange

This episode is with the homies Ted Lange IV and Turner Lange. Out in the beauty that is LA they are making fresh and exciting comics.

Ignorant Bliss 38: 2015 in Film and TV with Joey Aulisio (Side B)

On this episode Joey and I talk about many things from going to film screenings, films of 2015, my going to see less films in theaters, films I missed, Star Wars the Force Awakens, Jurassic World, Person of Interest, Christopher Nolan & Interstellar, and much more.