Ignorant Bliss 38: 2015 in Film and TV with Joey Aulisio (Side A)

On this episode Joey and I talk about many things from going to film screenings, films of 2015, my going to see less films in theaters, films I missed, Star Wars the Force Awakens, Jurassic World, Person of Interest, Christopher Nolan & Interstellar, and much more.

Ignorant Bliss 37: 2015 in Film with Rocky Hadadi

So this episode I have my good friend Rocky on again to talk more movies. This was recorded before the Oscars so there is a lot of talk about the nominees and a little TV talk.

Ignorant Bliss 36: 2015 in Film with Dominic Griffin

Episode 36 starts a three-episode stint on 2015 in Film. The first conversation is with my friend Dominic Griffin. He writes reviews of film (and other forms of art) on different blogs along with the Baltimore City Paper.